Tweet of the Day, I Do Get There’s A Difference…

…I just can’t taste it, and apparently neither can most of the population of the planet.

Via @EsotericCD. Personally, this is why I don’t buy expensive wine. It’d be wasted on me, and I genuinely want to save it for the folks who can appreciate it properly. It’s like cucumber ends; there are those who love ’em*, so it seems mean not to save them for those people. We’re all in this together, hey?

Moe Lane

*:waving: Hi!

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I Do Get There’s A Difference…”

  1. In my experience, anything wine below $10 is a crap shoot (sometimes you get lucky and find something ok, but mostly it’s clearly off in one way or another), over $10 but below $20 is almost always a good example of the variety, above $20 below $30 is where diminishing returns on higher price == higher quality kick in hard, over $30 you better be chasing a hyper specific flavor or you’re trying to impress someone.

  2. I am not convinced there’s a difference beyond snob appeal.
    Now there are going to be differences at the lower end. Grapes for pinot noir are infamously labor intensive, and ice wine implicitly has a much lower yield. (Yes, there are a few vintners who I’ll happily pay an extra buck or three a bottle.)
    But once you start going on about how the genius loci of this field embraced the year of the rat because Mars was in the seventh house… Well, that’s pretty explicitly an appeal to magic.

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