WandaVision is entertainingly messed up.

Finally sat down and watched both of the first episodes. I think that dropping the first two and then making people wait is smart: it establishes nicely that there’s something seriously weird about WandaVision. Mind you, I assumed that right from the start.

Also, an interesting note: I had it up on my computer with my earbuds in so as not to disturb everybody else. My wife watched a little, over my shoulder, and observed later that when you can’t hear anything the camera work is a lot more evocative of a horror show. Which I’m pretty sure is what WandaVision is. …Cool.

3 thoughts on “WandaVision is entertainingly messed up.”

  1. I cancelled D+ after the Mandalorian and Soul, but maybe I’ll keep this in mind whenever the next Mandalorian season drops – though not being more than a casual Marvel movie fan, I was not sure how much this is up my alley.

  2. “the camera work is a lot more evocative of a horror show”

    I didn’t catch that the first time I watched it, but I agree. Interesting.

  3. I noticed that, too. The promo was playing at a store.
    I’m not entire sure if it’s intentional.
    As an overdramatized parody of a sitcom, it’s an easy line to cross unintentionally.
    The POV is inside the room with the characters, silently and invisibly watching as things happen to and between them.
    All it takes is a small gesture towards making the conceit explicit, and you’re deep in stalker/predator territory.

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