The ‘Did you like ARKHAM CITY?’ THE BATMAN trailer.

And I did like ARKHAM CITY, actually. Enough that, now that I’ve watched the new THE BATMAN trailer, I’m wondering whether I should load that sucker up again. Not that I have the free time.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Did you like ARKHAM CITY?’ THE BATMAN trailer.”

  1. I’m not really feeling it. For starters – and perhaps the most flagrant item – anything that has Batman walking down a hallway while shrugging off fully automatic gunfire is a “they don’t get it” red flag for me. Even if the lights are flickering while it happens.

  2. I hated Arkham City.
    Not for most of the game, mind you. (Although I did miss blowing up bad guys with daisy chained explosives.) But for the ending.
    The whole “what really happened” heist movie schtick falls apart if the PC has agency. (I recall being irate that I deliberately did not turn my back on THAT DOOR, and the “reveal” continued going downhill afterwards. Nearly every decision I made about how to approach a major plot point was gainsayed and overruled.)
    And this is especially the case, if the mark is Batman. (Or Sherlock Holmes.)

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