Amanda Marcotte puts out #weinergate article.

And it’s going to be the funniest article you’re going to read all day.  To paraphrase Douglas Adams, she wrote it for the Guardian in order to relentlessly get the record wrong on a couple of key points involving the rising Weinergate scandal, starting with trying to pretend that anyone with a triple digit IQ is taking seriously the conspiracy theory that the whole thing was a fake.  And it only gets better from there, for given values of ‘better’: apparently, reporting on somebody taking a picture of his genitals and sending it to a coed is sexual harassment against women.  Not the picture taking, or the sending of the picture; reporting on it.

Put another way, I’m not asking what color the sky is in Marcotte’s world solely because I already know the answer.  Plaid.  Puke-green, and bronchitis-yellow, plaid.  God help anybody who actually has to rely on the Guardian for his or her information on this issue…

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