Oooh, those scary Koch Brothers and their AFP minions!

First, watch these two Americans for Prosperity (AFP) ads: they will show you exactly what the Democratic party is up against this year.

Spoiler warning: the Democrats have got nothing currently up that can beat either.



Occupy DC tries, fails to trigger Mob incident.

Background: Americans for Prosperity is having its annual summit this weekend, and the Occupy movement decided to send some people over to disrupt it – which is to say, they tried to rush the building.  They failed, of course – the American Left simply is not very good at demonstrations* – but in the process of expressing their inner kindergarteners (the ones that weren’t using actual kindergarteners as props/riot shields, that is) some protesters got hit by a car.  And we almost had an incident over it -  only it turns out that ‘protesters got hit by a car’ actually means ‘some protesters threw themselves in front of a car.’

Imagine my surprise:



Please watch this video.

It’s from Americans for Prosperity, and it shows some of the signs at the Stewart/Colbert thing on Saturday.

Please remember three things about these people:

  1. Not even close to all Democrats are twerps, but every single twerp in this video is a Democrat.
  2. Said twerps hate you, and want you to die in a fire.
  3. If you vote on Tuesday, they’ll hate you even more.

Moe Lane

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