AFP’s anti-Mark Udall ad: ‘Unaffordable.’

Pretty hard-hitting one from Americans For Prosperity.

This post from January addresses what Mark Udall did: the short version is that Senator Udall tried to pressure Colorado state officials into cooking the books to make it look like Obamacare didn’t cancel several hundred thousand people’s insurance policies.  This was, of course, later whitewashed by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s pet cronies, because what is the point of having fellow-Democrats in office if they can’t cover for one of their own?  Even when the Democrat in question blatantly lied: (more…)


Oooh, those scary Koch Brothers and their AFP minions!

First, watch these two Americans for Prosperity (AFP) ads: they will show you exactly what the Democratic party is up against this year.

Spoiler warning: the Democrats have got nothing currently up that can beat either.



Occupy DC tries, fails to trigger Mob incident.

Background: Americans for Prosperity is having its annual summit this weekend, and the Occupy movement decided to send some people over to disrupt it – which is to say, they tried to rush the building.  They failed, of course – the American Left simply is not very good at demonstrations* – but in the process of expressing their inner kindergarteners (the ones that weren’t using actual kindergarteners as props/riot shields, that is) some protesters got hit by a car.  And we almost had an incident over it –  only it turns out that ‘protesters got hit by a car’ actually means ‘some protesters threw themselves in front of a car.’

Imagine my surprise:



Please watch this video.

It’s from Americans for Prosperity, and it shows some of the signs at the Stewart/Colbert thing on Saturday.

Please remember three things about these people:

  1. Not even close to all Democrats are twerps, but every single twerp in this video is a Democrat.
  2. Said twerps hate you, and want you to die in a fire.
  3. If you vote on Tuesday, they’ll hate you even more.

Moe Lane

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