Some day, sites like Salon will be able to talk about religion…

…without making you want to go wince, hide, or find a good stick with which to defend yourself.  That day is not here yet.  Oh, my, no.

I particularly enjoyed the bit where the author took his not-very-hidden anti-Semitism and turned it into ostensible anti-Catholicism*.  Well, ‘enjoyed’ is not the right word, of course. But it’s not entirely the wrong one, either.  I don’t really mind it when my political opponents engage in a spot of self-trepanning like this…

Moe Lane

PS: …Man. White people.  Particularly white people who write for Salon, because they’re so white they make regular white people go “Man. White people” without a hint of shame.

*Seriously, there’s considerable overlap between the “I hate the Old Testament God of the Jews” crowd and the “I kinda hate Jews in general” crowd.  Go figure, huh?

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