Some day, sites like Salon will be able to talk about religion…

…without making you want to go wince, hide, or find a good stick with which to defend yourself.  That day is not here yet.  Oh, my, no.

I particularly enjoyed the bit where the author took his not-very-hidden anti-Semitism and turned it into ostensible anti-Catholicism*.  Well, ‘enjoyed’ is not the right word, of course. But it’s not entirely the wrong one, either.  I don’t really mind it when my political opponents engage in a spot of self-trepanning like this…

Moe Lane

PS: …Man. White people.  Particularly white people who write for Salon, because they’re so white they make regular white people go “Man. White people” without a hint of shame.

*Seriously, there’s considerable overlap between the “I hate the Old Testament God of the Jews” crowd and the “I kinda hate Jews in general” crowd.  Go figure, huh?

Tweet of the Day, Today’s “…Man. White People” Will Be Provided By Portland Hipsters edition.

Man. White people:

Look, I understand how a person might think that getting a tattoo of an airport carpet pattern* might say to the world that you are serious; but, speaking as a representative of the world, I regret to tell you that in fact the opposite is true.

Moe Lane

PS: Mind you, if the hipsters want the old carpet and the Portland airport can’t get rid of it otherwise, then by all means: give the hipsters the damned carpet. I mean, the hipsters want it, right? Better than just throwing it in a landfill.

…What? Hipsters can have nice things, too. For given values of ‘nice.’


Tweet of the Day, I REFUSE To Stop Using White People Jokes edition.

It’s a matter of principle.

Because I’ll tell you: after watching a certain flavor of progressive do stuff like this, I have really and truly come to a genuine appreciation of the shaken head, and the mused Man. White people. I will not give this up. You can’t make me give this up.  I will not be shamed into giving it up.  Accept that.

Moe Lane

Tweet of the Day, …Geez. White People. edition.

I know, I know: I’m as white as a polar bear in a snowstorm eating vanilla ice cream. Still. Geez. White people.

My one observation on this – I largely share Sonny’s stunned admiration for the sheer insanity on display here* – is that I certainly hope that the minority students in the demonstration have noted that this is what happens when you let white people run your demonstrations. Well, liberal white people. Conservative white people would have run this differently, starting with making sure that the non-white people were doing something more relevant than acting as a mobile background**.

Moe Lane

*You have got to read this story. Just don’t read it at work, because one of the pictures is NSFW.

**Yes, I’m scoring the Dean of Students as a white dude. I will also be merciful and not repeat his name, because he’s going to be hearing about the ‘lifted onto the back of a half-naked man’ thing for the rest of his life. I am not without mercy.