If your performance art involves playing in traffic while dressed as a tree…

…you probably should find a new way to artistically develop yourself.

Police say they’ve arrested a man dressed as a tree for blocking traffic in Maine.

They say the man didn’t respond to officers when they warned him against obstructing traffic in a busy intersection in downtown Portland.

WCSH-TV posted video of the man being arrested after he blocked traffic again.

Click here for a possibly unique photo of a policeman handcuffing a tree and leading it away.  Although it’s probably happened before. I’ve just never seen it happen before, which kind of counts for ‘unique,’ right?

Tweet of the Day, Today’s “…Man. White People” Will Be Provided By Portland Hipsters edition.

Man. White people:

Look, I understand how a person might think that getting a tattoo of an airport carpet pattern* might say to the world that you are serious; but, speaking as a representative of the world, I regret to tell you that in fact the opposite is true.

Moe Lane

PS: Mind you, if the hipsters want the old carpet and the Portland airport can’t get rid of it otherwise, then by all means: give the hipsters the damned carpet. I mean, the hipsters want it, right? Better than just throwing it in a landfill.

…What? Hipsters can have nice things, too. For given values of ‘nice.’