Tweet of the Day, …Geez. White People. edition.

I know, I know: I’m as white as a polar bear in a snowstorm eating vanilla ice cream. Still. Geez. White people.

My one observation on this – I largely share Sonny’s stunned admiration for the sheer insanity on display here* – is that I certainly hope that the minority students in the demonstration have noted that this is what happens when you let white people run your demonstrations. Well, liberal white people. Conservative white people would have run this differently, starting with making sure that the non-white people were doing something more relevant than acting as a mobile background**.

Moe Lane

*You have got to read this story. Just don’t read it at work, because one of the pictures is NSFW.

**Yes, I’m scoring the Dean of Students as a white dude. I will also be merciful and not repeat his name, because he’s going to be hearing about the ‘lifted onto the back of a half-naked man’ thing for the rest of his life. I am not without mercy.

One thought on “Tweet of the Day, …Geez. White People. edition.”

  1. Did I read that correctly?

    There’s a tradition at Harvard where bunches of students and teachers all get naked and rowdy and run around the school grounds screaming?

    Sort of like the old Walk for Mankind, or the Race For the Cure, except this naked screaming run has no altruistic theme or goal except to run and scream nakedly?

    And the Ferguson racebaiters thought that the participants in THIS event were of the type who would happily just STOP their rowdy screaming giddiness and instead respectfully and reverently go completely silent and allow these interloping strangers from another state to take over their traditional psychosis?

    Someone should tell the Ferguson people that crowds at big hockey games would be especially receptive to a demand for four minutes’ silence during the final four minutes of a close game in order to show solidarity with Michael Brown.

    Be sure to get video.

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