Wired.com’s Danger Room made one critical mistake in their analysis of the Battle of Hoth.

Mind you, they get the details right on why the Battle of Hoth was such an unmitigated disaster for the Empire, but they miss the ‘why.’  It’s actually very simple: Darth Vader had no intention of ‘winning’ that battle in the first place.  His long-term strategic goals absolutely required Luke Skywalker escaping that death-trap (and, subconsciously at least, Leia Organa as well); Vader’s original plan must have been to encourage the Rebel Alliance to make an orderly retreat and evacuation – but one where Vader could easily dedicate resources to securing his kid in the process.  Only, Admiral Ozzel’s scream-and-leap messed all of that up, so Vader had to spend the next few days messing up the attack and Force Choking idiots*.

Mind you, Vader was always pretty sh*tty when it came to strategy.  As witnessed by, well, most of Episode III.

Moe Lane

*Which, admittedly, must have been a temptation for him to do all the time anyway.

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