RS Interview: David Williams (R CAND, KY-GOV)

Kentucky Senate President Dave Williams is running for Governor of Kentucky; we had the opportunity to talk about the election today. This race has become more of interest lately with reports that individuals associated with incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear have been allegedly shaking down state employees for campaign contributions; it also came out today that political appointees have been very generous to Gov. Beshear so far this cycle.ย  We discussed this, and several other items:

Dave’s site is here.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: This article on Gov. Beshear’s somewhat… cautious… performance at the traditionally-partisan Fancy Farm Picnic may also be of interest.ย  Although if I was a Southern Democrat I’d be kind of cautious right now, too: the current head of their party is doing a number on their brand.


Is Gov. Steve Beshear (D, KY) extorting campaign contributions?

(Via Instapundit) That’s the rather bombshell allegation being made today; the gist is that Rodney Young (a retiring psychologist for the Department of Juvenile Justice has reported that his colleagues were the target of an attempt to extort $500 contributions to Steve Beshear’s re-election campaign, with the threat that they could lose their jobs if they did not so contribute. The major argument against this happening is that it would be EXTREMELY STUPID of anyone affiliated with the Governor to make this kind of threat; particularly considering the video found below.

For those without video access, that’s Steve Beshear promising that accountability begins at the top, and that he’s expecting all of his top staffers will be trained in ethics.

Well. All right, then. (more…)


Quote of the Day, edition.

As part of their ever-so-slightly incredulous reaction to the story of David Williams – a man who took the time offered to him in prison to design and create several innovations in firearms technology (ones later used in the M-1 carbine*), they wrote:

If you think it’s a little scary that convicted murderers are allowed to manufacture and sell weaponry to the military from prison, please realize this was truly the best-case scenario. Because when you hear the phrase “invented a new super-rifle in prison” it’s usually followed by the phrases “bloodbath the likes of which the world has never seen” and “vowed revenge on Captain America.”

Although that’s more Marvel than DC.

Moe Lane

*There is a dispute over this, but then there is a dispute about everything involving military history, technology, tactics, and/or methodology.ย  You get used to it; you’d better, because you don’t really have a choice anyway.

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