So. The Soviets did a knockoff of the Hobbit in 1985.

You want to be really careful when you watch this. YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT TO BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU WATCH THIS.


  • Don’t watch more than five seconds of this at any given time.  You WILL lose SAN if you ignore this rule.
  • Yes, there is a man in a suit who randomly pops in to provide (presumably) exposition in Russian.  You are not imagining things.
  • Yes, those are orcs, and they are doing a ballet while singing.  You are not imagining things.
  • Yes, that spider is in fact molesting that dwarf.  If you want to take comfort in insanity at this point I can’t stop you, nor much want to.
  • I don’t know what’s freakier about the scene where Thorin meets the people of Esgaroth; the interpretive dance from the latter, the way that they shrunk the film of the actors playing the dwarves* down to one-third size and superimposed it on the film of the regular-sized actors, or the way that the director actually did care enough to try to get the color of the dwarves’ cloaks and hoods right.
  • And, lastly…


  • That’s the most goram chipper Smaug I’ve ever goram seen.  I keep expecting him to make a deal with the dwarves; 15% of the cut in exchange for guard duty privileges and a new armor upgrade.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh.  Right.  Music video.  Sorry, folks, after that I got nothing.  Besides, you’ve all figured out by now that it’s mostly an excuse to tos up those links, anyway.

#RSRH LA City Council reminds us: Democratic politicians hate industry.

I was going to go off and try to explain the various forms of stupidity that are looming over this inane and insane plan by the LA City Council to ban non-reusable bags (which is freaking out people all over the place, including the people who make reusable bags*), but it makes my head hurt, and that’s not the important thing right now.  The important thing is to spread the word:


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