The Circle closes on #OWS.

The cycle is completed: the past and the future have merged, to become the eternal Now.  The prophecy has been fulfilled and the revelations made clear.  A man with no mask and tattered regal finery has come to the midnight feasting hall; the star-bruised sky itself bears witness to the rightness of this moment.  Things have become again as they were, and the memory of a time when things were not as they now are fades like the memory of a half-seen teardrop on the face of a passerby.  All is as it has always been.


At one of Arts and Culture’s meetings—held adjacent to 60 Wall Street, at a quieter public-private indoor park that’s also the atrium of Deutsche Bank—it dawned on Joe [Therrian]: “I have to build as many giant puppets as I can to help this thing out—people love puppets!”

(Via PJ Tatler) As God is my witness, the only thing that I added in that quote was Joe Therrian’s last name. Continue reading The Circle closes on #OWS.

The curious incident of the antiwar movement in the night-time.

Please, by all means: assume that I’m equating them with dogs.

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Whipped ones, in fact, as Environmental Republican demonstrates (via Glenn Reynolds). You see, he went looking for the Usual Antiwar Suspects’ outrage at the drone strikes in Pakistan, and discovered… well, that apparently it wasn’t really worth noting at all, really. His conclusion?

So what con we surmise from this little investigation? How about the left-wing of this country is populated with hypocritical ideologues who not only hated Bush but had a severe dislike for America. Now that they have a leader who they feel a kinship with, well, it’s all good.

You shouldn’t be surprised: the terrorists that got attacked weren’t Europeans – which is my polite way of saying that they weren’t sufficiently white and Western for the groups running the antiwar movement to particularly care, especially since caring might embarrass a President who isn’t a Republican. Was that too harsh? No? OK, let’s try again: the antiwar movement is run by racists who only like brown people when they can be used as clubs with which to beat anybody to the antiwar movement’s Right.

Well, anyone to their Right, and Jews. A quick perusal of the major players in question indicates that they’re all really upset that Israel isn’t baring its collective neck for the knife.

Moe Lane

PS: If you won’t respect yourself, don’t expect me to respect you, either.

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