Howard Dean: Warmongering for #Syria attack!

I’ve been doing this blogging thing since about… 2002 or 2003, depending on how you score things; so in a weird sort of way 2004 was my first Presidential election.  It was certainly the first one where I was actually paying real attention about what was going on, particularly when it came to stuff that happened before Labor Day 2004 (which is when most people start paying attention to Presidential elections). And, of course, if you followed the ’04 race you were following Howard Dean.  The passion!  The amazing fundraising! The fierce devotion to the antiwar cause! Particularly that last one; Howard Dean was the Great Hope of the netroots.  He was the antiwar guy who had a shot at the nomination.  Dean was the guy who spoke “truth to power” about the War in Iraq.

Well, as one of the bards of my childhood put it: Prepare the viands, prepare the foods, prepare the strange wines, for tonight indeed is a great night! …And it is.  I’ve been waiting a decade for this preordained event. Continue reading Howard Dean: Warmongering for #Syria attack!

#rsrh Helpful paranoia for anti-war types.

Take a good look at which groups and individuals ostensibly on the Left are yelling about Libya today.  The ones that are, may not be trained seals for the Democratic establishment; but the ones that are not are almost either being paid off in exchange for being reliable shills for the party, or else they’re auditioning for the role.

Have a nice day!

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Obama administration caves on indefinite detention.

They’re readying an executive order right now that will confirm that certain detainees – read: the murderous, terrorist scum that we already weren’t releasing – can be continued to be held indefinitely without trial.  The fig leaf here is that the new proceedings (unlike those of the wicked, wicked Bush administration!) will be ‘more adversarial’ – which means whatever you want it to mean, of course – and that lawyers for the murderous, terrorist scum can ask again after the administration refuses to let said murderous, terrorist scum go the first time.  Maybe even every year.

What’s going on here is, of course, that Congress is on the verge of passing legislation that would effectively make it impossible to transfer the cases of murderous, terrorist scum to regular American courts.  Congress is doing this, earlier Democratic rhetoric to the contrary, because there are actual limits to legislative stupidity, and it’s pretty stupid to put murderous, terrorist scum into a civilian court system not particularly designed to handle it.  For that matter, the Obama administration itself is unlikely to have really believed any of the nonsense that it spouted off on the subject in years past… but they have to do something, seeing as progressives are already fairly livid with them over the tax issue.

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What is the sound of $2.5M flushing?


South Carolina Democratic candidate Rob Miller has apparently adopted Republicans’ “Fire Pelosi” mantra.

According to a report by The Associated Press, Miller — who is hoping to oust Rep. Joe Wilson (R) in the South Carolina 2nd district race — said Wednesday that he would not vote to keep Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as Speaker in the 112th Congress.

Via, of all things, @markos, who is upset that Democrats gave Miller 2.5 million dollars to retire his 2008 debt and lose again to Joe Wilson in 2010 (hint, Robbie: don’t go into the red this time); I would have posted this last night, except that it took me this long to stop laughing.

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PS: Joe Wilson for SC-02Not voting for Pelosi for Speaker, either.

Department of Justice: Bagram detainees lack constitutional rights.

“Having considered the matter, the government adheres to its previously articulated position…”

Dear hardcore antiwar movement:

Please take this opportunity to writhe in impotent agony as your man-god twists the knife in your entrails.


The neoconservative movement.

PS: We won. You lost. Again.
PPS: We’ll be sleeping like babies tonight, by the way. It’s one of the perks of being the good guys.
PPPS: Now go back to work! President Obama requires your labor and money on his behalf.
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CBC preparing to oppose Obama over Gregg?

Probably not, but maybe some day the progressives will find their spines again.

Glenn Thrush has a statement from CBC Chair Rep. Barbara Lee that certainly sounds like they’re reserving the option:

“In this light, Sen. Gregg’s record of previously voting to abolish the Commerce Department and his attempts to block President Bill Clinton’s efforts to secure adequate funding for the 2000 census raise troubling concerns regarding his commitment to the department’s core missions.

We may know more when they get around to putting the press release on their own site. Continue reading CBC preparing to oppose Obama over Gregg?

Dear Progressives: we beat you on national security issues. Love, the neoconservatives.

Let the pain start now:

President Obama’s choice to run the Justice Department has assured senior Republican senators that he won’t prosecute intelligence officers or political appointees who were involved in the Bush administration’s policy of “enhanced interrogations.”

Sen. Christopher “Kit” Bond, a Republican from Missouri and the vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said in an interview with The Washington Times that he will support Eric H. Holder Jr.’s nomination for Attorney General because Mr. Holder assured him privately that Mr. Obama’s Justice Department will not prosecute former Bush officials involved in the interrogations program.

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The curious incident of the antiwar movement in the night-time.

Please, by all means: assume that I’m equating them with dogs.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers. Interested in DC School Choice Rally videos?

Whipped ones, in fact, as Environmental Republican demonstrates (via Glenn Reynolds). You see, he went looking for the Usual Antiwar Suspects’ outrage at the drone strikes in Pakistan, and discovered… well, that apparently it wasn’t really worth noting at all, really. His conclusion?

So what con we surmise from this little investigation? How about the left-wing of this country is populated with hypocritical ideologues who not only hated Bush but had a severe dislike for America. Now that they have a leader who they feel a kinship with, well, it’s all good.

You shouldn’t be surprised: the terrorists that got attacked weren’t Europeans – which is my polite way of saying that they weren’t sufficiently white and Western for the groups running the antiwar movement to particularly care, especially since caring might embarrass a President who isn’t a Republican. Was that too harsh? No? OK, let’s try again: the antiwar movement is run by racists who only like brown people when they can be used as clubs with which to beat anybody to the antiwar movement’s Right.

Well, anyone to their Right, and Jews. A quick perusal of the major players in question indicates that they’re all really upset that Israel isn’t baring its collective neck for the knife.

Moe Lane

PS: If you won’t respect yourself, don’t expect me to respect you, either.

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“…but George Bush of Crawford Ranch rides *home* from the Crusade.”

It’s a literary reference, you semi-literate barking moonbats.

Hi.  I’m going to spoil your appreciation of the day now.

Oh, not all of you.  The people who are ordinary, decent Democrats – or just happy that we’re going to finally have as President somebody who isn’t an old white guy – go ahead and have a good time at the Inauguration.  I plan to eat wings and watch it on TV, myself, but that’s because I live in the DC area, which means that I know what the traffic is going to be like.  Heck, I wouldn’t be there for McCain’s, if he had won.  Anyway, you folks don’t bother finishing this little essay: I don’t want to spoil your day.  Hope it’s a good one for you.

But as for the rest of you.  The Maoists.  The Stalinists.  The Klansmen.  The anti-Semites.  The blackshirt anarchists.  The unwashed antiglobos.  The summer patriot celebrities.  The 9/11 Troofers.  The Che-worshippers.  The neo-Nazis.  The deep ecologists.  The PETA freakazoids.  The World Can’t Wait losers.  The Code Pink soldier-haters.  The International ANSWER seditionists.  The ACORN election-fraud enthusiasts.  Every single one of you who screamed and ranted and threw garbage cans and put on bandannas and plotted attacks (incompetently) and waved around giant paper-mache heads… yeah.  You people.

You missed.

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