Movie of the #̷̧̧̨̨̰̭̝̘͓̰͍̠̲͇́͐͊́̈͊̂̓͂͘͠#̸̨̗̙̟̯͍̩̝͉̬̘̖͇̥̯͘#̶͖͍̥̬̺̘̰̜̻͇͈̹͛͑̏̈́̈́̀͊̌̇̎͒̀#̵̢̠̟͇͖̯̳̞̗̰̘̩̤̦̘͝: Groundhog Day.

GROUNDHOG DAY will probably be remembered for as long as we remember what movies are, and what languages we watched them in. I’m being perfectly serious, too. It’s one of the best movies of my lifetime.

Happy Groundhog’s Day!

I could spend the day making bad jokes involving Groundhog Day — it is a judgment upon Hollywood that Harold Ramis never got an Oscar, because the Academy utterly and embarrassingly overlooked the cultural and intellectual significance of this movie — but I shall choose not to. Checking in with the rodent himself, Punxsutawney Phil predicts… dang, it’s impossible to tell from that article, as it’s currently in that interesting time between revisions.  Mind you, they’re reporting on a large squirrel predicting the weather, so hyper-accuracy is probably not on their agenda.


I am reminded…

…that I love Groundhog Day as much as Jonah Goldberg does, and for largely the same reasons, and that if you haven’t seen it yet you probably should and it’s unlikely that I’m going to write anything this morning that will be more entertaining and/or thoughtful.  So go watch it.

Moe Lane

PS: That movie really should have gotten a crate full of Oscars.  And Hollywood wonders why we look at it funny…

Movie of the Week: Quatermass and the Pit.

Says a lot about American culture that they hawked Quartermass and the Pit in this country as Five Million Years to Earth. Admittedly, back then almost nobody in the states had any idea of who Bernard Quatermass was, anyway. Shoot, this is the only one of that series that I’ve seen.

So, it being Wednesday: we say farewell to Groundhog Day and add this one. KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES!

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, it’s Quatermass, not Quartermass.