Hypezokos, Impudite of Fate [GURPS IN NOMINE]

Ah, I remember this one. To explain the joke: the Archangel of Flowers for In Nomine is called Novalis, and she is a happy-shiny, sweet, hippie kind of Archangel. Her angels, are in fact, required to avoid committing any acts of unnecessary violence.

But there are so many complexities inherent in the term ‘unnecessary.’ I regret that the line effectively stopped being supported before it was her turn for a full write up; I had such plans for that Archangel.  Especially the part where I wrote up Novalis to be the most avowedly anti-Communist Archangel in Heaven. It would have been a glorious battle in playtest.


Hypezokos (Impudite of Fate) – Google Docs


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