Adventures in Cookery: Meat Pies!

Threw one together today: leftover turkey sausage*; cut-up apple, onion, and red pepper (all microwaved for fast-and-dirty softening); a fairly generic savory spice mix; and leftover shredded cheese.  It all went into one of the roll-up pie crusts that have been in my fridge for something else that didn’t happen; fifteen minutes at 450 degrees, and pull it out. (more…)

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I think that I can tentatively say that I am OK at meat pies.

Ground pork, apple, onion, black beans and cheddar cheese: no recipe, no fuss, no muss.  The crust didn’t even get burned (note: open-faced pie).  I’m going to say that I feel that this all represents a basic familiarity with the meat pie-making experience and that perhaps my next series of savory pies will reflect that by being a bit more complex.

No picture, sorry: I forgot.  So here’s a picture of my new cat in Fallout 4. (more…)


So I tried something radical with this ground pork pie.

After I browned the meat and mixed it in with the cut-up apples, I added a can of pork and beans (the sweet bourbon kind). Between that and the obligatory cheese topping, this pie held to its consistency a heck of a lot better than the last one did. And, let me be honest: the last one had all the consistency of a sack of mud. My wife pretty much called it a ‘meat salad’ – while, mind you, taking seconds.

And I think that this one came out pretty OK, although the next time I do it I’m going to need to find a better cheese for pork than Colby Jack. I’m having difficulty coming up with a good cheese for pork, though. The best I can think of is American cheese, and that’s not going to crust up the way I want it to, right?  Ach, well, that’s why they call it ‘research.’


All *right*. Time to make some meat pies.

…What? No, that’s not a euphemism or anything. I have some cooked cheap steak leftovers, some potatoes, an onion or two, and some pie crust dough. Gonna mix it all up and bake ’em for my lunch this week.

But I figure announcing on Twitter that I’m making meat pies will get some amusing responses. Because I’m a giver that way.

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