Real estate shenanigans and the Democratic Party.

Rep. Alan Mollohan (D, WV-01) is merely the latest on the list.

Reading Brian Faughnan’s piece about Rep Alan Mollohan’s (D, WV-01) steering earmarks to his landlord while receiving free rent reminded me, of course, of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s (D, formerly IL-05) steering lucrative polling contracts to his landlord while receiving free rent. And now I’ve been reminded by fellow RS Contributor Mark I that Senator Bob Menendez (D, NJ) notoriously steered earmarks the way of – and greased the path of federal funding for – a tenant of his when he was both a landlord and a Congressman. There’s apparently money in real estate shenanigans: I’m starting to wonder whether the House orientation session for freshmen Democrats includes a quick rundown on the topic. (more…)

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