RNC formally resolves to make CNN/NBC choose between Hillary Clinton & primary debate access.

Whatever cuts down the number of debates, frankly.

The Republican National Committee unanimously passed a resolution here Friday to not partner with NBC or CNN on 2016 primary debates if they air Hillary Clinton projects.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus got an extended standing ovation from cheering state chairmen during the party’s summer meeting for spearheading the push.

“We’re done putting up with this nonsense,” he said. “CNN and NBC will just have to watch on their competitors’ network … The media overplayed their hand this time.”

I’d advocate Thunderdome if I thought that it would help.  Seriously, though: it needs to be made clear to all of the serious candidates that what Reince Priebus and the RNC is doing resonates with a very large swath of the Republican party.  The Media went gunning for the GOP in 2012 with those debates.  They did everything that they could – which turned out to be a lot – to savage our candidates.  The Media, in fact, hates the Republican party, and wants us to die in a fire.   Continue reading RNC formally resolves to make CNN/NBC choose between Hillary Clinton & primary debate access.

#rsrh NBC is a bunch of humorless toads.

Which you knew already – MSNBC, after all – but CrunchGear confirms it with this report that NBC has canned the person who uploaded the Couric/Gumbel video from 1994 where they were asking what this ‘Internet’ thing was.


CrunchGear went on to note that people weren’t laughing at Couric & Gumbel, just with them.  Well… possibly there was a little bit of laughing at them, but nothing malicious, I swear.  In 1994 I was just starting to use Mosaic (remember that?) to look up things at school while relying on AOL* for most of my online needs.  No Google.  Hell, no Yahoo.com until later.  I don’t want to go all stone knives and bear skins here, but this was back in the day, computationally speaking.  Just because those questions sound stupid now didn’t mean that they sounded stupid back then.

But you know what is stupid?  Making this thing more of a story than it needed to be.  Firing somebody for uploading 89 seconds of slightly embarrassing video could end up being a bit more of a hit to NBC’s reputation than the video itself…

Moe Lane Continue reading #rsrh NBC is a bunch of humorless toads.

Letterman blackmailer gets Emmy nomination.

I guess there’s no reason not to nominate him for it, but it’s still sort of weird:

The former CBS News producer jailed for trying to blackmail David Letterman is up for an Emmy award.

Robert “Joe” Halderman was nominated Thursday for a News and Documentary Emmy award for his participation in an April 2009 “48 Hours” story about an American exchange student charged with murder in Italy. He was one of four producers cited for the story.

Halderman began a six-month jail sentence in May for trying to extort money from Letterman in exchange for not revealing the late-night host’s office affairs.

Via Ed Driscoll, who is not precisely filled with the milk of human kindness when it comes to the journalism industry.  Not that I’m saying that he’s wrong, given that a lot of journalists pretty much hate New Media for a variety of reasons, and the ones who do hate us are rarely shy about making that hatred known.

Moe Lane

PS: Oddly, this is one of those businesses where getting an industry award nomination is sometimes a response to having been thrown in jail, rather than being largely irrelevant to it.