Hi! Are you a conservative group that’s about to publish a satirical poem?

Really?  Good.

EMAIL ME FIRST.  USE THE CONTACT LINK.  For a quite reasonable consultation fee I will:

  • Read your poem.
  • Show you where you got the scansion wrong.
  • Fix your scansion.
  • And, bluntly, improve your poem generally.

I am actually rather good at poetry – and even better at doggerel, which is what you want anyway.  And I am 99.999% certain that I will be better at both than whoever you have writing your verse.

Moe Lane

PS: No, I will not point fingers.  This isn’t about shaming.  This is about me getting a consultation fee and you getting more effective agitprop.

PPS: I don’t want the credit.  The fee will be fine, thanks.

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