Tweet of the Day, I Wonder How Many People Tried To CSI This? edition.

Gotta be more than one person analyzing this tweet to a fare-thee-well:

Which is probably why Ron Howard did that.  Also: why is the Han Solo movie not yet named?  I mean, heck, just call it ‘Solo.’  It’s exceedingly unlikely that people are not going to figure out what the movie’s about.


Tweet of the Day, This DOES Encapsulate Ron Howard’s Han Solo Movie Problem edition.

Yeah, it’s pretty much official: Ron Howard has taken over directing the Han Solo flick, and the “Help me, Opie-Wan” jokes are already blossoming all over the Internet.  And the dread pronouncements of the word “Willow.” And the folks asking if there’s going to be any narration by Howard.

So finding somebody saying something new to say was a bit of a challenge:



Ron Howard to be replacement director on Han Solo movie?

Well, that would be interesting.

Deadline hears that Ron Howard has emerged as front-runner to replace Phil Lord & Christopher Miller on the untitled Han SoloStar Wars spinoff film. Disney dropped a shocker this afternoon with the announcement that the duo exited a picture that has been in production since February at London’s Pinewood Studios.

I mean, they gotta get somebody. But Ron Howard hasn’t had a real hit for almost a decade. Does the Mouse even want him directing a Star Wars flick? Han Solo is not really his style. — Note that I’m assuming that the Mouse can get him, if the Mouse happens to want Ron Howard.  You can do that, when you’re well on the way to owning the entire American film industry outright.

Then again, I can’t think of anybody offhand who might be good for directing the Han Solo standalone. I’m not even sure what the Han Solo standalone would be about. Besides spectacle, of course.


The Vatican’s making life difficult for ‘Angels & Demons?’

Perish the thought:

Director Ron Howard has accused the Vatican of trying to hamper the filming of his new movie, Angels & Demons, starring Tom Hanks.

The movie sequel to author Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code features symbolist Robert Langdon helping to rescue four kidnapped cardinals.

But Howard said the Vatican exerted its influence “through back channels” to prevent filming near certain churches.

You’d almost think that Ron Howard was directing a movie whose central conceit not only attacks one of the key teachings of Christianity*, but does so by ripping off Holy Blood, Holy Grail pretty much wholesale.  Personally, if I was a Vatican official I’d be more offended by the second than the first: Baigent, Leigh, & Lincoln at least weren’t in the ‘mystical bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene’ business strictly for the cash.

That being said, this is probably part of an attempt to boost sales for The Lost Symbol when it comes out later this year. All just business, in other words.

Moe Lane

*The divinity of Christ, essentially.

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