So, THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE is getting good reviews.

Which is great! Good Lovecraft movies that aren’t from the HPL Historical Society are hard to come by. The only problem is, THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE is not showing anywhere actually near me. Guess I might as well pre-order it…


Pleasantville and the Cthulhu Mythos.

This thought is not mine, but Ken Hite’s. It’s part of his bloody marvelous Tour de Lovecraft, which should be on everybody’s short list of horror-genre analysis books to buy, but the relevant bit is here:

Hence, you can watch Pleasantville as a photographic negative of “The Colour Out of Space.” As the color which nobody in the world has ever seen before spreads, their society is destroyed. We have met the Colour, and it is us.

No, think about it for a second.  Consider Pleasantville as a horror film:


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