Adventure Seed: The Grant Escape.

Just as a reminder: Julia Child was a member of the freaking OSS.

Grant Escape – Google Docs


The Grant Escape

Turns out that Ulysses S Grant is not actually buried in Grant’s Tomb.  He’s apparently not buried at all, in fact. And, yes, we’re talking about something that’s a bit creepier than mere grave-robbing.

It’s like this: old H.P. Lovecraft was onto something with regard to Essential Saltes — or, rather, the books of his grandfather’s that he mined for ideas were onto something.  Not the bits about cosmic horror, hopefully; but the techs keep babbling something about DNA echoes and the holographic residue thrown off by souls and the short version is, if you mix enough of a corpse with enough carbon, water, sodium chloride, and [CLASSIFIED] you can get a self-aware humanoid product of science that more or less has the skill set and memories of the original donor.


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