Movie of the Week: Call of Cthulhu.

It being Wednesday, we say goodbye to Coraline as Movie of the Week. A judicious amount of luck, patience, and willingness to give a new Amazon bookseller a shot allowed me to acquire Thomas Harlan’s Land of the Dead at enough of a discount for me to actually afford it, so we’ll celebrate the occasion by declaring The Call of Cthulhu to replace it.

Yeah, Harlan’s writing Mythos books. I’m also starting to suspect that so is Charlie Stross, with his Merchant Princes series.


“Stand by Me.” (With blatant crass commercialism attached.)

Early night for me: I shall be watching a movie, and not musing darkly on the pitiful status of my referrals this month to date. It’s especially aggravating because Thomas Harlan is finally getting Land of the Dead out. It’s only been, what, five years since the last book in this series?

Stand by me, Ben E. King

Sorry about the video: it’s pretty cringeworthy.

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