Took a mental health night, watched Winter Soldier.

Finished the table, got it stabilized, then said Now that I can access my DVD drive again (long story) I’m going to actually watch Captain America: Winter Soldier.  …I’ve said this before, but: it’s a damned solid film.  Not just as a MCU flick, not just as a superhero flick, not even just as a Captain America/Black Widow/Falcon flick; this movie is one of the things that Disney/Marvel have been doing right with the MCU.  They gave us a classy paranoia spy flick with all the trimmings, and it’s worth seeing if you haven’t yet.

Many people have also said this, but: the MCU shines best in the movies that aren’t Avengers flicks.  Which I like, mind you.  But I like stuff like this more.

Quote of the Day, This Relieves Me About The Captain America Movie edition.

Sonny Bunch, on the Captain America: Winter Soldier flick:

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo want you to know this isn’t your average popcorn comic book flick, the battles and bluster and bad guys notwithstanding. Rather, they’ve made what amounts to the biggest-budgeted paranoid thriller of all time.

I like 1970s paranoid thrillers, you see. A lot of them still work as movies, forty* years later. I sat down to watch Three Days of the Condor and The Boys from Brazil a few years ago as part of a deep dive into 1970s cinema (blame Damnation Decade), and it was fun: in fact, I should go ahead and finally watch Marathon Man tonight.  I’ve been meaning to.  So I’m happy to hear that we’re getting a big-budget example in the genre.

Moe Lane

*…Wow.  I’m getting old.