Ted Cruz now assured of winning Wyoming.

Looks like Ted Cruz is gonna effectively pick up another ten to fourteen delegates this weekend.

Fourteen delegates picked statewide (plus the usual three for party leaders). Ted Cruz grabbed the lion’s share of delegates last month, and he’ll be likely to pick up most if not all of the rest. Unsurprisingly, frankly. And every little bit helps.

Quote of the Day, Liz Cheney’s War On The War On Coal edition.

If the Bad Thing still happens, I think that I would miss, at least, covering this race:

Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney is making coal a centerpiece of her congressional campaign following massive layoffs at two of the largest coal mines in the state that were announced earlier this month.

In an interview with the Washington Free Beacon, Cheney called Wyoming’s coal a national treasure and said that the massive layoffs at the two mines would not only be felt in the immediate communities, but throughout the economy.

Assuming, of course, that Liz Cheney wins the primary.

Liz Cheney running for Wyoming At-Large seat.

Incumbent Cynthia Lummis is retiring and the seat is R+22, mostly because it’s also the state of Wyoming and Wyoming is deep, deep, deep Republican territory. Judging from this, Liz Cheney has a decent if not guaranteed shot at the nomination; and she won’t be hurt by the fact that it’s her father’s old seat. As to the general… the last Democratic Congressman from Wyoming retired in 1978*.  So, again, it’s a pretty safe seat.

Should be an interesting primary race. Especially when the antiwar Left notices that she’s running. They’re gonna go nuts

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Moe Lane

*Teno Roncalio.  Apparently an all right guy. War hero. Shame he was a Democrat, really.

The NYT concerns-troll over a possible Liz Cheney run in Wyoming.

I’m not going to bother to quote it: the short version is, apparently the Old Gray Lady is worried about what will happen to the poor Wyoming GOP if Liz Cheney decides to face off with Michael Enzi in a primary next year.  Let me tell you what will happen: Cheney will win, or Enzi will win, or maybe a third person will win the primary.  Whoever does win will then run in a state that is reliably conservative, reliably Republican, and who will have a Democratic opponent that can and will be accurately described as a puppet for the liberal Democratic establishment.

I have no real beef with Mike Enzi: we disagree on Internet taxation, but there are good arguments on both sides of that issue.  I will be happy to see him win reelection. But the party is healthier when there are real primaries*.

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Moe Lane

*Now, if somebody involved in all of this wants my advice**… perhaps Enzi should retire, and perhaps Rep. Cynthia Lummis should run for his seat, and perhaps Cheney could run for Lummis‘ seat.  Mind you, I don’t live in Wyoming, so everybody involved can be more than free to ignore me.

**Doubtful, but you never know.