Great. What’s the visual equivalent of an earworm?

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, I’ve got Tremors stuck in my head. Ever see it? It was one of those movies where a bunch of actors did a better job than they were really supposed to with a script that was just a touch better than it had any right being and a plot that was remarkably fresh for being in a can for forty years. I say this with all love and affection: it’s rare that I get to see a movie that combines the Cthulhu Mythos (sorta) with automatic weapons fire.

The sequels, of course, pretty much sucked… oh, God help us all, but they made it into a television show.

3 thoughts on “Great. What’s the visual equivalent of an earworm?”

  1. Had forgotten, actually. My fault.

    I don’t think it was that atrocious compared to what else was out there at the time but there was no way it could have lasted longer than one season.

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