Results for the IL-05 primaries: Pulido, Quigley, some Green.

The general election is in April, but the majority of reporting is assuming that the winner of the Democratic Party is a shoo-in for the general election. So noted.

Moving along, on the Republican side anti-illegal immigration activist and Minuteman member Rosanna Pulido has won the nomination. Speaking as a pro-“amnesty” anti-immigration squishy-soft moderate, I sincerely congratulate her on her victory and wholeheartedly endorse her in the general election; she’s going into this swinging, and her presence at the Chicago Tea Party is something that more and more conservative candidates and officials need to start doing.

On the Democratic side, Mike Quigley is the Democratic candidate. Running on a strict reputation for reform, Quigley defeated SEIU shill Sara Feigenholtz and Illinois Combine pick John Fritchey. Suggestions that his candidacy was linked to Rod Blagojevich’s old organization via Billy Weinberg and Doug Scofield were, of course, dismissed immediately by the candidate. I congratulate SEIU and the Daley Machine on their loss, and thank them for all the money that they wasted in pursuing it.

On the Green side… eh. Progressives. Nobody really cares. I don’t know why they bothered; they’re all going to vote for the Democrat anyway.

Moe Lane

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