Tea Partiers get apology for insult by town.

Hey, guess what? This show up en masse stuff works!

PORT ST. LUCIE — After a week of complaints about a sign at Freedomfest on July 4, city officials apologized to the Treasure Coast Tea Party.

“It was not our intent to interfere or cast dispersions on the tea party,” said City Manager Don Cooper, who took responsibility for what he called a “bone-head decision.”

About 75 members of the anti-tax group attended the City Council’s Monday night meeting looking for an apology.

Via Instapundit. I have to say, this ‘getting out and marching’ thing is jolly good fun, isn’t it? We should do it more often. As in, ‘whenever we get annoyed at something.’  It certainly seems to get results.

Moe Lane

PS: Still think that it was a good idea to give the American Right a taste for activism, kids? – because ‘high inertia’ is a double-edged sword.

Please, by all means: laugh.

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  1. Hey, but the city manager said he didn’t intend to cast dispersions on the tea partiers…

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