It’s not even a ‘Battle’ of the Signs. No contest.

This video by Short for Ordinary (via Breitbart TV) contrasting the sign-acquiring strategies of the folks against health care rationing vs. those of the ones for it:

(For those without ready video: the 1000+ demonstrating against health care rationing at the Tuscon Recess Rally [Giffords*] made their own; the 200 demonstrating for it were generally handed them at about the same time that they got their juice and bagels)

…is illustrative of two things: first, all the creativity and energy seems to be flowing through the folks who are trying to stop health care rationing. The folks brought in to astroturf support for it are… dull**. Second: screaming names at these people doesn’t seem to be stopping them; they instead look like they’re using the insults as a reminder of why they keep going out there to say their piece. Which is as good a reason as any to conclude why they’re not going away.

While I am not of course privy to the thoughts of the President, I suggest that perhaps this is not the community he thought that he’d be organizing once he took office…

Moe Lane

*Jesse Kelly continues to campaign aggressively in AZ-08; as I mentioned here, if there’s somebody else in the AZ GOP that wants to get the nomination in that district he or she had better get started.

**Even the antiwar protesters at least had their Giant Puppet Displays, although I suppose it’s hard to make apotropaic poppets when your opposition cruelly refuses to give you a leader for you to demonize.

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8 thoughts on “It’s not even a ‘Battle’ of the Signs. No contest.”

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  2. Democracy means the People Rule. There is absolutely, positively NOTHING more democratic than the people banding together to take back their power from the few who rule by bankers, lawyers, buying legislators, &c.

    Even if we don’t have a leader, they could make BOR or Hannity into apotropaic poppets, or maybe Newt? Mass-produced signs in SEIU facilities carried by rented-on-Craigslist stoned slackers to be in FAVOR of an issue. Too much of a stretch from the old yippie-skippy I’m-a-hippie days…..!

  3. Absolutely love that video!! Great, great job!! It’s gonna get posted and sent to blue dogs in washington this week! KUDOS!!

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