61% of Americans un-American?

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At least, that’s the impression you’d be left with if you were the sort to take seriously everybody who upset that not everybody was signed off on the POTUS Peace Nobel thing.  Luckily, taking them seriously is still a minority opinion in this country:

Most Americans do not believe President Obama should have won the Nobel Peace Prize, and are divided on whether the award is a good thing, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

Sixty-one percent of respondents said Obama did not deserve to win the prize announced on Oct. 9, according to the poll; 34% said he did deserve the honor.

When asked if they were personally glad that Obama won the award, 46% said they were and 47% said they were not glad.

Via the Examiner, via AoSHQ Headlines – but not via Gallup, which has unaccountably not referenced the poll on the front page as of this writing. Perhaps they were just in a hurry this morning.

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33 thoughts on “61% of Americans un-American?”

  1. Of course, a lot of Americans think Obama isn’t a citizen, that he doesn’t love America, and that Jesus will return in our lifetimes.

    Sometimes it isn’t wise to put too much stock in what most Americans think. It isn’t always a pretty sight.

  2. Sometimes it isn’t wise to put too much stock in what most Americans think. It isn’t always a pretty sight.

    Good point. A majority of Americans thought Obama would be a good president. Hard to believe, but true.

  3. The majority isn’t always right.

    But sometimes it is.

    On the other hand, watching the leftie intelligentsia backing and filling in search of a rationale for the Nobel award has been priceless entertainment…

  4. Also, alot of Americans think 9/11 was an inside job, that Bush didn’t win the 2000 election, that a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit will grow the economy and that ACORN was setup by a vast right wing conspiracy.

    Funny how polls are only accurate when they support your point of view huh?

  5. Britney, you’re right. Many American believe that the Federal government can best make decisions for them regarding the kind of health care they want and need, the schools they want to send their children to and what kind of lightbulb they can purchase.

  6. That’s OK, Britney. A lot of Americans think that you live independently, don’t mooch off your parents and have an understanding of the real world. It’s pretty much a wash.

  7. Except in this case, what most Americans think is dead on. Since that selection process is a nearly year long process, that means the naive committee started considering The Messiah as a peace prize recipient only a few weeks after his inauguration. Preposterous, although its in line with this elitist group that gave the award to Arafat and Kofi “Rwanda Genocide” Annan.

  8. Better watch out or Maobama’s gonna schedule
    you for some ‘re-education’ at Camp Dunn. You’ll
    end up chewing on your tongue and talking like
    Gabby Hayes, when they’re wit’ ye’. Heh!

  9. And a lot of Americans think GW Bush had something to do with the 9-11 attacks or at least had detailed foreknowledge (August 2001 NIE is a load of vague babble), that the government owes them health care paid for by “those evil rich people over there,” that getting a degree at an Ivy League school in womyn’s studies or gender whateverthehell guarantees them a 6-figure salary, and that solar & wind power are actual alternatives to real baseload electric generating station (etc. etc. I’m sure you get my point).

    Yep – people believe whatever makes them the “good guys” and gets them “free” stuff. Doesn’t make it true.

  10. Britney reveals the typical liberal response. The voice of the majority is only important when the liberal option is in the majority. When it isn’t, then they ignore the majority and turn up the hate speech.

  11. Britney:

    A lot of Americans think that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism”, too. (Well, a lot of Americans used to think that… I haven’t seen those bumper stickers in a while. I wonder why.)

    Individual Americans are people, and have all the strengths and weaknesses of people elsewhere. Collectively, however, I actually put quite a lot of stock in what most Americans think; that’s how our government is elected, and it’s worked out pretty well for the past 230 years.

    Daniel in Brookline

  12. Hi Britney,

    I visited your website. Word to the wise: few people take skanks seriously, even if they’re smart, let alone if they’re clueless children. If you were my daughter I’d cut off your tuition payments.

  13. Hi Britney. I visited your website too. ROFLMAO. Thank you for your “thoughts”. I will consider the source!

  14. It’s been said before, but in the future everyone will eventually be called un-American, labeled a racist and/or homophobe, and compared to Hitler. All at the same time.

  15. Uh, people … I hate to tell you this, but there is no “Britney Bennett” — this is just a come-on from an Internet dating website. Don’t waste your clicks.

  16. If Britney is for real she is just another whack job that hyped polls when they supported surrender in IRaq but when they look bad for Obama then she gets all snarky.

  17. Isn’t the voice of the people the voice of God? Well, perhaps not in every instance. But the American people got it right many times over 230 years.



  19. And funny enough, the administration is now fighting for the voting rights of people who can only identify their candidate by brand name, citing that only a black Democrat can get enough of the black vote in a certain district, so therefore in order not to deny these downtrodden people their vote, the state of Virginia cannot, by referendum, vote to remove party affiliation from local elections, as has been done in many other states–it’s all of a sudden unconstitutional.

    So spare me the “a lot of people think X” argument, when your rooting for the side that wants people’s votes by brand name. Of course, last year, they were fighting hard to raise the high-school dropout vote in Colorado.

  20. Britney must be in, or recently out of, college. It’s in college where the elitism takes root. Visions of a ruling elite, staffed by really smart people (like them), will beneficently rule over the unwashed masses who are too stupid to know what’s good for them. That’s why opinion polls showing massive public disapproval of ObamaCare and Cap & Trade don’t move them. They start from the presumption that most people are not qualified to understand what’s in their own interest.

  21. Americans love a winner. They hate a loser. Any office holder that does not keep that in mind loses. Obama is like Carter. A loser. It’s only a matter of time.

  22. Obama was in office 10 days when the Nobel nominations CLOSED. Americans KNOW that people shouldn’t recieve what they don’t earn. Unfortunately for Obama, his award wasn’t earned and is a GLARING example of his redistributionalist beliefs. Obama IS and American, yet is fundamentally unAmerican. People are simply becoming aware that it was only through the complicit liberal media and WHOPPER lies that he was able to steal the election. Again, not earned. He’s a fraud and so is the award.

  23. Ok lets remember what Hillary Clinton said…it is not UN-American to criticize the President!!! What short memory we have…well some people that is???

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