Big Government: Hey, guess who dumped 20K documents in a dumpster?

Nine days after there was an announcement that their group was going to be investigated?  Yup, that’s right: ACORN.  San Diego office – just before California AG Jerry Brown came to visit.  Alas, if only somebody had had the foresight to wait for this sort of thing to happen, and retrieve the documents…

Oh.  Right.


They didn’t shred, they didn’t redact, and they threw out people’s sensitive and personal information – including things like copies of Social Security cards, W-4 forms, and driver’s licenses. I’m not a lawyer, but apparently that’s grounds for legal action right there; document disposal requirements are very, very strict.  Which is why the local ACORN branch is trying the novel ‘Oops, fall cleaning‘ excuse.

Which almost might be believable, except of course for the underage El Salvadoran illegal immigrant brothel thing.

Moe Lane

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2 thoughts on “Big Government: Hey, guess who dumped 20K documents in a dumpster?”

  1. Moe: You left me hanging! Were the documents retrieved? If so, was there any information gleaned from it that would advance this issue? I have been following the dirty deeds of ACORN and would love to see this organization be put out of its’s misery and not allowed to morph into another organization. CS

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