This is not DOOM for Coakley. Yet.

Further UPDATE: More from PPP here, via AoSHQ (and welcome to that site’s readers, by the way). You can sign up here to phone bank for Scott Brown.

But PPP is tweeting out a warning. They’re unabashedly a Democratic-aligned firm, but PPP played it straight in Virginia and New Jersey last year: if they say that Massachusetts is looking doable, then Massachusetts is looking doable.

Scott Brown for Senate.

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UPDATE: And now the Democrats are push-polling?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

2 thoughts on “This is not DOOM for Coakley. Yet.”

  1. This is a cry for the evil forces to rise up from the grave yards all over Mass. and come out and save a fellow zombie! That’s what it will take to defeat Brown. The Dems have lost all perspective on what is at stake. They are still looking at this election as R’s against D’s and forgetting that our nations future is at stake. This is not a typical election and there is no need to elect someone who will reflect Teddy’s view and ignore the consequences to our country. The people in DC will use this to control so much more than health care. Please, my fellow citizens of Massachusetts, don’t close the door on REAL health care reform. Vote for Brown and then if it doesn’t work out to your liking replace him in 2012.

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