Bob Etheridge (D, NC-02) attacks student.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Instapundit readers.  Note that I don’t expect actual violence before, say, the end of August.

This is why you need to have two cameras. The first one, to record being assaulted by a sitting Congressman (Bob Etheridge, D, NC-02):

…and a second one, to record the person recording being assaulted by a sitting Congressman (Bob Etheridge, D, NC-02):

The raw footage from the first video is here.

Moe Lane

PS: The Republican challenger that you just decided to give money to is named Renee Ellmers (thanks, HerbC).

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35 thoughts on “Bob Etheridge (D, NC-02) attacks student.”

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s no Constitutional provision preventing the arrest of Congresscritters for actual crimes, so why is this guy not facing charges?

  2. The video serves very well as judge and jury. The voters will finish the job, ‘apology’ or no.

  3. Lookng at wiki shows this district has been in the GOP hands a total of 6 years going back to 1893. As bad as this Dem is, he’s not likely to be rejected by his district, sad to say.

  4. Absolutely this guy (Congressman seems to complimentary after this video) assulted someone standing on in the open. A normal person would’ve kept walking. This guy, instead, assaults the questioner. I’ll repeat an earlier post: why hasn’t he been arrested for assault and battery?

  5. He didn’t apologize! He tried to make himself the victim, as all liberals do! “no matter how…partisan” my fat hairy b**t!

    Why is he not under arrest? Probably because that WOULD give him martyr status, as no liberal will fail to come to another liberal’s defense, no matter how heinous the crime.

  6. If Etheridge really was sorry he’d turn himself in for this assault and spare the police the embarrassment of the obvious preferential treatment Etheridge is getting.

    He’s a Congressman, not a Baron.

  7. Either your site is overloaded (instalanche) or youtube is playiong games again.

    Message redeived “An error has occurred.”

  8. I think the Congressman’s liability to charges depends on exactly where he was, and what he was doing at the time.
    As I recall, Congress folk on their way to a vote can not be stopped, charged, or even held liable for anything they do while on the way there. This is to prevent votes from being changed by detaining the opposition while they go to vote.

    Kennedy used this provision when he was suspected of crashing a car while driving drunk in the wee hours of a DC morning.

  9. “The congressman is drunk – how come noone else sees this?”

    That was my conclusion but no one else seems to think so (or at least SAY so)

  10. The whole time I was watching the video I was thinking the student(s) should defend themselves using, pardon my French, Any.Means.Necessary.

  11. Drunk with power . . . safe democratic seat . . . any government that lets this guy be in the house has no moral authority over anyone.

    Any minor drunken disorderly in the US should be free to go. . . the Etheridge Rule.

  12. what is so very discouraging is that congress is full of mediocre nobodies like this, how was he elected, what did he have to offer his constituents? never heard of the guy until today, yet he’s been in congress since 1997. also, nice bags under his eyes.

  13. Geithner is still at treasury. Rangel is still in the House. Etheridge just has to take a number and stand in line.

  14. Having some kid jump out of the sidewalk and hold something up to my throat would have scared the bejeezus out of me. I would so have punched him in the face and figured out the mistake later. Instead, he tries to teach him journalistic practice, like “John Stossel, ABC News: why…” Once you have the kid by the arm and he keeps wetting himself instead of giving his name, there’s no way to let go. I’m sorry, but I’m with the Congressman on this.

    1. Actually, Jonathan, what the Congressman did was commit assault and got filmed doing it. When I provide links in my posts, I would take it as a courtesy if people would actually click them before commenting.

  15. Did Rep. Etheridge steal the guy’s camera as well as assault him? Watch the video — he swipes it out of his hand and walks away with it. Talk about pouring lemon juice on a paper cut!

  16. As a Republican, I don’t think anything in this video holds any weight.

    The kid essentially got exactly what he wanted, and in that regard, I don’t see how it’s considered assault in the first place (I know the definition, it’s ridiculous nonetheless) nor do I think the Congressman should face serious criminals charges.
    The Congressman was clearly drunk, grumpy, and somewhat of an idiot being nagged by a little punk who was simply seeking to evoke a furious response – take it for what it is; If the voters of South Carolina are okay with that then so am I.

    Of course, blogs from both sides of the aisle will be raging on about this for weeks while any reasonable person will simply understand it for what it was and realize it’s not signaling the collapse of democracy in America. Don’t worry, the flag will still be raised tomorrow, and hotheaded fools will still get elected to Congress.

    1. *North* Carolina, chris. And don’t passive-aggressively insult your host again, OK? – particularly when you’re apologizing for people caught on camera committing assault. It’s unbecoming.

  17. “…it’s not signaling the collapse of democracy in America.”

    Whoa, Straw Man alert. Which thread did you just teleport in from? I think the consensus here is that he should just pay whatever fine or do whatever jail time is associated with assault, of which the Congressman is clearly guilty.

  18. He’s a democrat — he gets a pass. He is above the law.

    “Elections have consequences”, don’cha know…

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