#rsrh Blackshirts riot at G20 summit.

As usual.

Black-clad demonstrators broke off from a crowd of peaceful demonstrators protesting a global economic summit in Toronto, torching police cruisers and smashing windows with baseball bats and hammers.

Translation: violent goon squads detached themselves from the protective covering of their fellow-travelers in the radical anti-globalization movement and proceeded to go about their usual program of property damage, attempted intimidation, and plausibly-deniable domestic terrorism.  Business as usual, and it’s always fascinating to watch the media fall all over itself to not report that these guys are hardcore Lefties.

You know: South Korea is going to be hosting the G-20 in November.  That’s going to be… messy; the South Korean riot police are not exactly known for being sweetness and light with regard to people throwing things at them, and if the people doing the throwing aren’t actually South Koreans?  Well.  They probably won’t actually shoot anybody.


Moe Lane