Brown’s immigration smear of Whitman continues to unravel.

Two things to take away from this San Francisco Chronicle article (H/T: The Other McCain) on Jerry Brown’s Gloria Allred’s nonsensical attacks on Meg Whitman:

First, this sentence: “Lawyers said an employer’s obligation upon receiving a no-match letter from the Social Security Administration is to check their own records for typographical or other errors, inform the employee that the records do not match and tell the employee to correct them.”  Which is pretty much what the scrawl on the letter told Diaz to do (please see Greta van Susterin’s disembowelment of Gloria Allred for further details on said letter).  In fact, the action that Allred is apparently demanding would… wait for it, wait for it… have put Meg Whitman in danger of a discrimination lawsuit! Translation: Whitman followed the law.

Second, it’s kind of contemptible that Jerry Brown can’t fight his own battles, isn’t it? – Because let’s not pretend that this isn’t being done for Brown’s benefit.  I’d also make some commentary on whether Brown would try something this cheap against a male candidate, but for some reason it’s considered uncouth to point out that male Democratic politicians don’t consider any blow to be too low when it comes to dealing with their female opponents.  Still, I see no reason to let Brown get away with this: he’s Attorney General, so he knows the law.  And he knows that Whitman followed it, so he needs to come out and disavow it.

Which he won’t.  Because Jerry Brown is a coward.  And a sneak.

Moe Lane (Crosspost)

PS: Meg Whitman for Governor.

5 thoughts on “Brown’s immigration smear of Whitman continues to unravel.”

  1. You mean, Democrats would try to use the fake story of an illegal immigrant against a Republican candidate for office during a cycle when Republicans have actually taken a stand against illegal immigration? Come now, Moe. It’s like you want to assert that they’re terminally, habitually dishonest or something.

  2. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown robbed the treasury of the state of CA, giving it to unionized employees, environmental pressure groups, and soaking the CA people for higher taxes. As AG, he has done nothing to enforce CA law against the sanctuary cities. And Jerry says that Meg Whitman is a poor manager? Jerry Brown has demonstrated repeatedly his unfitness for office in every one that he has held.
    There is a parable in the Bible about getting the log out of your own eye before trying to remove the speck from your neighbors. Jerry would do well to heed such good advice; he claims to be a Catholic, so he should recognize the story. He should also recognize that homosexuality and abortion are against his religion, but when did religion stop a liberal?

  3. Oh, you can comment on whether or not Brown would pull this on a man all you want. He wouldn’t, because it wouldn’t be as effective. Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo, & Tim Geithner all had undocumented workers. It doesn’t have the same effect if you’re a guy, regardless of party, and that’s why Brown’s operatives felt it was a winning strategy to use against Meg. Look what happened to Zoe Baird and Linda Chavez. It’s a political career-ending charge for women, and women only.

    You and I are not alone. Plenty of people realize this, plenty of California voters too.

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