Cameraman attacked at Sestak rally.

They’re getting scared, and when people get scared, stupid things get done. In this case, a guy filming a Joe Sestak rally got, as NRO’s Battle ’10 put it, “Harassed, Intimidated, Potentially Assaulted:”

Looks like somebody picked up the camera and tossed it to the ground… and on a tactical note? This is precisely why YOU ALWAYS WORK IN TEAMS OF AT LEAST TWO. One person films – actively – the event; the other person films – passively, and hopefully unnoticed – the person filming the event. That way you remove ambiguity. Still: nice people that Joe Sestak has supporting him, huh?

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  1. And they sell concealable cameras at various “spy shops”. Another thing to look for is the capacity to stream to an external server as you film.

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