Ruth McClung (R CAND, AZ-07) Moneybomb.

I’m in the process of processing for tomorrow morning the interview I had with Ruth McClung a couple of hours ago, but (via Instapundit) she’s doing a moneybomb right now: she’s aiming for $100K and has gotten $77K so far.  The theme is “Goodbye. Grijalva” – and goodness knows that such a thing would be absolutely swell.  Raul Grijalva, of course, is the legislator so out of touch with his district that he begged people to boycott his own state for its temerity in wanting to enforce federal immigration law.  She’s on the radar now and this is the sort of race that can suddenly come within reach under precisely these conditions, so check her out, and look to see the interview tomorrow.

And there’s still time on the moneybomb.

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