I challenge you to read this Arizona-07 story without breaking down in helpless laughter.

This Slate article by Dave Weigel starts promisingly:

 On Aug. 26, Democratic voters in Arizona will choose a successor to 7th Congressional District Rep. Ed Pastor. It’s a safe, blue seat, covering the most liberal parts of Phoenix and Glendale. And it’s heavily Hispanic. That’s what led a Republican trickster named Scott Fistler to pay $319 to legally change his name, to “Cesar Chavez,” and attempt to get on the ballot.

…and then proceeds to get even better. So, so much better.  I was howling by paragraph six. Trolling level: CRYSTALLINE PERFECTION.  That’s the best-spent $319 I’ve seen spent in a long, long time.


Will Kyrsten Sinema (D, AZ-09) bolt for the safety of AZ-07?

You know, when I heard a few days ago that beleaguered freshman Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was thinking from switching from her unpleasantly (to her) competitive AZ-09 seat to the much more suitable (for her) AZ-07 seat,  I was… skeptical.  Basically, the long-time Democratic incumbent in AZ-07 (Ed Pastor) is retiring after this term, and while I can understand Sinema’s presumed logic there (it’s a hardcore D+16 seat; whoever wins the Democratic primary there probably wins the election) the truth is that a lot of people in the Arizona Democratic party would rightly see the switch as a net loss.  This is a bad year for a Democrat to win an open R+1 seat, which is what the situation would be in AZ-09 if Sinema switches: if that happens, the Democrats go from having a tough fight that they might win to having a tough fight that they’d likely lose. I assumed, in other words, that basic tactical reality would inform the Congresswoman’s choices.

Maybe not. Continue reading Will Kyrsten Sinema (D, AZ-09) bolt for the safety of AZ-07?

Meet Ruth McClung (R CAND, AZ-07).

This interview actually took place last week, but got delayed due to personal considerations that aren’t really relevant to the AZ-07 race. Ruth is a bona fide rocket scientist facing Raul Grijalva, who is mostly known for trying to drive up Arizona’s unemployment rate in a fit of, bluntly, pique. Oh, yeah: Grijalva also aids and abets pro-terrorist organizations.

Ruth and I had a chat about various aspects of the race:

Ruth’s site is here.

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Ruth McClung (R CAND, AZ-07) Moneybomb.

I’m in the process of processing for tomorrow morning the interview I had with Ruth McClung a couple of hours ago, but (via Instapundit) she’s doing a moneybomb right now: she’s aiming for $100K and has gotten $77K so far.  The theme is “Goodbye. Grijalva” – and goodness knows that such a thing would be absolutely swell.  Raul Grijalva, of course, is the legislator so out of touch with his district that he begged people to boycott his own state for its temerity in wanting to enforce federal immigration law.  She’s on the radar now and this is the sort of race that can suddenly come within reach under precisely these conditions, so check her out, and look to see the interview tomorrow.

And there’s still time on the moneybomb.

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