#rsrh OfA scared about House Obamacare repeal.

To the point where they’re spamming their members* with dire, last-minute pleas to call up their Members of Congress and tell them that a pork-laden monstrosity that hasn’t had majority support for the last year or so is actually quite popular, really, no fooling.

I feel that I should point out several things to Organizing for Obama America:

  • Two Republicans lost re-election last year.  Both of them were in heavily-Democratic districts; one had never voted for or against Obamacare, and the other had voted both for and against Obamacare.
  • Every other Republican voted against Obamacare, and every one of those Republicans who ran for re-election kept his or her seat.
  • The Democratic party supported Obamacare last year.  The Democratic party got eviscerated in the midterms last year.  Those two facts are not unrelated.
  • Virtually every Republican who ran last year ran on the concept of repealing Obamacare.  The Republican party picked up a net 63 seats.  Those two facts are not unrelated, either.
  • All of this suggests that the House Republicans currently in office are not really worried about OfA, what it thinks, and whether or not OfA approves of the GOP’s plan to keep pushing repeal of the bloated monstrosity that is Obamacare.
  • It’s nice to see that OfA is worried about House Republicans, though.

That’s it: just wanted to let people know that the Democrats still get really, really freaked out about the notion that people might actually keep objecting to the implementation of horrifically flawed legislation that was crammed down our throats, despite our clear protestations to the contrary. But then, you probably figured that out already from watching the process by which the administration tried to stretch a problem that affected about 650,000 people into a looming disaster that will supposedly ruin the lives of 129,000,000.  For those following at home, that went from .2% to  42% of the current population of the USA: squaring that latter number with the detail that 83% of the population was already insured is left up as an exercise to the stude… actually, no, the administration doesn’t want you to think about that at all.  They won’t like your likely answer.

Moe Lane

*And, ahem, people who signed up solely to see what the administration wants OfA’s members to be scared of this week.