#rsrh The Robocop Statue drive continues!

A group called Imagination Station* put together the 50 grand that they need to have a Robocop statue put up in Detroit, so now it’s a matter of convincing the mayor of Detroit that yea, indeed, the city needs a Robocop statue put up in Detroit.

I know, I know: you would expect that the merits of this project would be so blindingly obvious to any rational human being who encountered it that it’s a shock that there isn’t a Robocop theme park already, but consider the mayor’s perspective on this.  Robocop is no longer a dystopian vision of Detroit’s future: it’s practically a documentary of Detroit’s present.  An optimistic one: the citizens of Detroit would jump up and down in glee if they got told that a cyborg cop had been assigned to clean up the streets… at least, the streets that are still occupied.  The mayor’s got his pride, and that pride gets him up in the morning and be mayor of one of the most dysfunctional cities in America, so I can’t blame him overmuch on this.

Still, I dropped $35 on this.  Because, well, Robocop statue.

Link to Detroit Needs Robocop here.

Moe Lane

*And I suspect that this group is made up of total Lefties, but, well, Robocop statue.  I do not interfere with people having a moment of clarity.

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