Sacramento Teamster attacks counter-protester.

There’s just something special about seeing a would-be member of the modern Left’s Sturmabteilung shove around a counter-protester while screaming about ‘fascists.’  I assume that’s why the report is that this is a guy: that sort of behavior is precisely the sort of room-temperature IQ maneuver that you’d expect from that crowd.

Note that the counter-protester got shoved twice; also note that Mr. Brownshirt was fully decked out in his gang leathers Teamster jacket in the process.  Hey, why don’t you sing “Look for the Union Label” next time you commit assault for the cameras?  That should really bring the message home that you’re operating under the sanction of your union.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I fully expect this kind of situation to escalate until somebody’s dead or seriously injured.  And I expect that to happen because the union goons that Dick Trumka is currently winding up and setting loose don’t understand that cameras are everywhere now, and that threats of violence and/or acts of intimidation are not going to be sufficient this time.  So the unions will get more violent, and it will get caught on tape, and that’s when things will get truly ugly.

So now would be a good time for the union leadership to start walking back from all of this.  They won’t, because the union leadership has a collective mental map of the political landscape that’s twenty years out of date, but they should.

7 thoughts on “Sacramento Teamster attacks counter-protester.”

  1. They should start winding it down but I don’t believe that they are bright enough to know that. And I agree someone probably will end up dead or crippled for life because of it. It’s going to blow up in their faces. That’s what happens when you play with explosives you don’t really understand.

  2. Why should they back off? They’re not suffering any penalty, and it’s undoubtedly working on the margin by reducing the size of counter-protests and Tea Party marches.

    It is amazing how the ones marching around in colors shouting “fascist” are the ones who most easily commit violence, innit?

  3. Oh another reason they view it as working: it’s reinforcing their own unity *and* convincing the weaker-minded among them that they have the stronger hand. There hasn’t been any retaliation; their opponents are weak or cowards. There hasn’t been only minor legal penalties; they must be in the right.

  4. They don’t understand the line “I shall bend like a reed in the wind”. They mistake strength for weakness. They are fools. The fun will come when they understand those they followed have lied to them.

  5. I saw the beginnings of the same behavior in Raleigh yesterday. The Unionistas, as the left, walked past us. Several had nasty things to say. I stood on that corner of our group with my 70 lb dog and held the line. Some of our people wanted to advance and yell like the guy in the video did, but I told them off. I advised that they respond with one of two things, either “Kiss your mom with that mouth?” or “You have a nice day too, sir (or ma’am, some of the women were really foul mouthed).

    The object is to refuse to accept the other person’s rage. Then they have to take it home with them. If they lose it and attack, the cop standing right next to us will know who the aggressor was and was ready to arrest them. Plus, a 70 lb dog is intimidating to many people without being overtly menacing.

    Our job isn’t to get into street fights with unionistas. It is to show the unaligned middle that our politics are reasonable and worth voting for. Our audience is the cameras, not the unionistas.

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