It’s like a literary acid flashback…

…err, not that I would know anything about that sort of thing, of course.

Anyway, this ‘literary’ dec0nstruction of that Rebecca Black video that’s making the rounds is probably not a parody as one would normally define the term, because I’ve never really believed that any of my fellow English-majors really bought into that literary deconstruction bullshit to begin with.  Everyone who ever said that he or she did sang a completely different tune after their third vodka-and-lemonade*; they’d break down and admit that it was all about getting the As in the independent study.  Those of you still in college, try it sometime.

Well, yes, the drink too.

Moe Lane


*Vodka was cheap; lemonade you could buy in the cafeteria in carton form and smuggle out of the dining hall.  Duh.