#rsrh WH parceling out Osama death photos?

Huh.  Maybe Osama was shot in the back of the head.

“The bullet either went in the ear and out the eyeball or in the eyeball and out the ear,” [Senator Jim Inhofe] said.

I speculated earlier that a scenario consistent with the former bullet trajectory may have sparked the decision by the White House to keep the pictures under wraps: this suggests that I may have been right.

Moe Lane

PS: I continue to have an utter lack of outrage over the possibility, by the way.


3 thoughts on “#rsrh WH parceling out Osama death photos?”

  1. There should not be any confusion about this as entry and exit wounds look very different, unless the entire skull was just shattered.

  2. Depends on the particular round. Low-caliber or low-power rounds could go in, but not come back out.

  3. Which would look different because one side of the head would have a hole in it and the other would not.

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