Europe starting to talk about ‘war crimes?’

Pajamas Media took a survey of various European media sources and their evolving reaction to the Osama bin Laden excision.  It will not surprise anyone in the slightest to hear that the level of disapproval has been increasing all week, with many an envious sneer along the way.  The German response is particularly telling  (they’re usually a leading indicator of Left-wing antiwar thinking*): even the center-right (hah!) magazines want international tribunals and investigations and whatnot.  So we should probably see the first calls for that over here in about… a week or so.  Probably followed with the leaking of the SEAL team’s names by some fellow-traveler in the Executive Branch with a grudge against the military and an iPad, so I hope that the SEALs are taking my advice and getting a lawyer now.

I’m also going to give some free advice to the White House: and I actually hope that they’ll take it, because this is an American issue, not a Right/Left, Republican/Democrat, or Competent/Incompetent one.  Let’s just say that I don’t really care what’s on the tapes that we’re suddenly now saying that we don’t actually have.  This is because I’m reasonably sure that there’s nothing drastically awful on them, given that they weren’t suppressed from the get-go: so there’s nothing like an actual noncombatant being molested or shot out of hand or anything like that.  If there is something like that on them then I would have to wonder why the administration didn’t react with horror at the time, but never mind that right now: the point is, I expect that the video record doesn’t show an actual atrocity.

However, I suspect that the tapes could show something like, say, Osama bin Laden kneeling on the ground, then getting shot in the back of the head by a Navy SEAL.  If that is the case, then the Obama administration needs to immediately go on the air, reveal the footage… and tell Europe to go [expletive deleted] up a rope.

Only without the [expletive deleted] part bowdlerized.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*As Glenn Reynolds noted earlier (H/T, by the way), we might have gone just the tiniest bit overboard when it came to pacifying the Germans.  On the other hand, having to fix Europe twice in one century was two times too many, honestly.  You can’t really blame our grandparents for not wanting to have to have the USA go through all of that again.

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  1. At some point the Euros will start muttering about trying Obama for war crimes, not just the SEALs. While I dead set against it, it will be fascinating to watch the libs twist themselves into a pretzel explaining why doing that to Bush is legal and just, but for Obama is just wrong.

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