iPad2/Skype recording bleg.

I’m in the process of configuring the iPad2 for work use, and I’ve run into a snag: I can download Skype for it, no problem – but I use Powergramo to record Skype calls for interviews, and it doesn’t seem to have a Apple version (yes, yes, I know: I will be typing variants of this statement for as long as I have an iPad2).  What should I be looking for that will do the same job? – I need something that records both ends of a Skype call, with separate audio tracks for each person on the call.

And what do iPad2 people use for audio editing, since they’re apparently not allowed to have Audacity?

4 thoughts on “iPad2/Skype recording bleg.”

  1. You don’t need Powergramo for Mac recording. Just use any sound recording software (Audacity will do fine) with Soundflower. Use Soundflower to route the sound from Skype to Audacity. I’ve used it and it’s worked juuuuust fine.

    But that doesn’t help you on iOS.

  2. If you are going to do this, have mercy on Humanity and don’t take it into the bathroom with you. I don’t think the world could recover from any sort of is-this-thing-on faux pas.

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