Inside blogpoll post, 5/31/2011 edition.

OK, I’ll be honest: the major reason why I’m posting these buckets of cold water regarding the relative popularity of the Daily Caller to ThinkProgress (short version: TP gets about half of the traffic of DC, and acts like it gets twice)  is because I have the tabs still up and content is content.  You may be forgiven for thinking this irrelevant, in other words.  Lord knows that ThinkProgress largely is*.

Inside-blogpoll screenshots after the fold:

Moe Lane

*I believe that it was established quite some time ago already that I really am that lame and sad when it comes to certain types of geekery.  Your point?

One thought on “Inside blogpoll post, 5/31/2011 edition.”

  1. You may be forgiven for thinking this irrelevant

    I don’t. I’m glad to know that.

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