#rsrh No, wait, this is the QoTD.

Jeff Goldstein, on the… Foreskin Man… comic book, which is precisely as bad as a cynical reader of the Internet might wearily supposed it to be.  If you’re wondering why the heck that I’m showing you that, by the way – it’s because banning male circumcision is on the ballot in San Francisco, and one of the groups pushing it produces the aforementioned comic book.  Really, it’s not satire: as RS McCain noted, Andrew Sullivan is a noted anti-male circumcision advocate, which should tell you right there that they’re reliably nuts.

Anyway, Jeff writes:

Incidentally, when we said never again? We meant it.

Fair warning.

The hope is that San Francisco isn’t quite this inane – I originally meant to write ‘insane,’ but this works too – but then, hope is not a plan.  God bless ’em, but that city thinks up the most damfool things, sometimes.

Moe Lane

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3 thoughts on “#rsrh No, wait, this is the QoTD.”

  1. The thing that’s astonishing to me is the politicization of circumcision. If two parents don’t want to circumcise their son, that’s fine. If an opponent wants to publish a book or go on TV to convince other people not to circumcise their kids, that’s also fine. But the idea that we need laws to ban a mostly-harmless practice, and one that most people support, is nuts.

  2. “The thing that’s astonishing to me is the politicization of circumcision.”

    The word “totalitarian” contains “total” for a reason. Remember the phrase “the personal is the political”? There’s no aspect of our lives these people don’t want to control. There are some trivial aspects they’re willing to overlook, but they will, eventually, get to them as well.

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