Paul Krugman channels his inner Reagan.

Is it cruel to point out that when Paul Krugman says that an alien invasion would save Keynesianism…

…he’s pretty much cribbing off of Reagan’s observation that an alien invasion would unite humanity and war among us?

Or is it just sad that Krugman comes across as profoundly intellectually stunted, in comparison?  I mean, if we’re going to have an alien invasion serve a higher purpose then I’d personally prefer a more meaningful one than salvaging a somewhat dunderheaded liberal economic theory.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

5 thoughts on “Paul Krugman channels his inner Reagan.”

  1. OK, so I’ll be the wing-nut to ask first: Is it possible that our liberal overlords realize that a war is the only thing that will 1. save them from their poor stewardship of the economy and 2. keep them in power (ala FDR, except FDR didn’t start a war)? And should we be worried about this?

  2. Wait, is Krugman calling for martial law/war-time production to solve the economic problem? Why is this man allowed in polite company?

  3. Why is this man allowed in polite company?

    Because he’s advocating for it while a Democrat is President. If this were still the Bush Administration, the torches would be coming out.

  4. Only a Hollywood Director or a Nobel Prize winning Idiot would be so stupid to think that an alien race would travel hundreds of lightyears across space to pick a fight and leave any chance of losing. If we were even able to fight back effectively we wouldn’t know they were there until the first rocks started coming down. When the rocks quit falling I don’t think there will be any Government or Economy left on the planet and the survivors will be to busy trying to survive the next day to worry about fighting back. And that by the way is the best case scenario’ it only gets worse form there.

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