#rsrh Least surprising headline today.

Gadhafi’s autopsy reveals he was shot in head.

I’m also going to go out on a limb here and note that the fact that they’re not going to say whether or not that bullet was fired at zero range is a pretty good indication that it was.  In other words, targeted killing.

You can’t see it, but I have my I am so very upset that a dictator who had American civilians killed – and who I had to accept getting away with it, for the sake of geopolitical stability – ended his life terrified, on his knees, and with a cold revolver muzzle shoved against the base of his neck expression on my face.  ‘Course, I also have no idea whether things are going to be better in Libya, once they finish tossing Gadhafi into the same unmarked grave that we dumped the War Powers Act into – but I guess that we’re going to find out, huh?

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  1. Gaddafi aside, what stands out for me is the double standard applied to Obama and Bush by media and academics.

    Had Bush taken the actions Obama had taken, people like Obama’s legal adviser Koh would be threatening to haul him before the international court.

    I’ve often wondered if pure politics in the legacy media and academic sectors didn’t cost American lives as we entered the War on Terror. Obama has the advantage Bush provided by removing havens for terrorists from the al Qaeda resource trove.

  2. Help me with this Moe – I can’t remember any US President orchestrating the killing of another head of state who is not at war with US. I agree Gaddafi was a low life with American blood on his hands. No war was declared. Also I can’t recall any US Secretary of State celebrating the killing of a head of state.

    I would have preferred declaring a war and taking the SOB out. Or maybe have CIA do it. The way it was done doesn’t look good for a Superpower.

    PS: AT least GWB did things the right way. I was never a big fan(especially hated his compassionate conservative BS), but I liked the way he did things.

    1. I didn’t say that Obama et. al. didn’t fornicate the canine, antisocial. But I’m not going to be upset at the news that Gadhafi ended up with a 9mm headache.

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